IBM supports Apache Derby, too.
Of course, IBM's distribution is Cloudscape, like Sun's.
In my memory, Derby=Java DB=Cloudscape.
In fact, IBM and Sun respectively provide some developers to build the database in Apache community.
But...it said that there's a bit of difference between the distributions.
But...I think the tiny differences isn't a trouble.
Most importantly, you should contact one of the corporations, then make your decision.


a cup of Java, cheers!
Sha Jiang

2007/12/14, Test <public@bojerco.com>:
I am sorry if this is too naive question, but if we use Apache Derby
(not JavaDB) does that still mean that Sun would support it? I am a bit
puzzled about semantics as it seems that JavaDB IS Apache Derby (and
vice-versa), but I am not sure what does that mean when you make a phone
call (e.g. calling Microsoft to report an issue about Windows XP running
under VMWare).

Thank you.

- Ivan

Michelle Caisse wrote:
> Sun offers support for Java DB, their distribution of Derby. See
> http://developers.sun.com/javadb/support/.
> -- Michelle
> Ivan B wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My company is evaluating Derby as DB of the choice (moving away from
>> BDB). Can anyone tell me if there is any commercial grade support for
>> Derby DB (someone that we would pay in the case of escalations)?