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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Commercial Support for Derby
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2007 18:16:47 GMT
Hi Ivan,

There are several distributions of Derby, including Sun's Java DB as 
well as Cloudscape (available in IBM products), and of course the 
community releases. Sun sells support for the Java DB distributions. 
Sun, however, does not sell support for Cloudscape or for the community 
releases. To buy support for this database software, you need to 
download the bits from Sun and sign a license agreement. For more 
information, please see http://developers.sun.com/javadb/support/

It can be confusing that this software is available in three major 
distributions. Please note that the Java DB bits are identical to the 
bits released by the Derby community.

Hope this helps,

Test wrote:
> I am sorry if this is too naive question, but if we use Apache Derby 
> (not JavaDB) does that still mean that Sun would support it? I am a 
> bit puzzled about semantics as it seems that JavaDB IS Apache Derby 
> (and vice-versa), but I am not sure what does that mean when you make 
> a phone call (e.g. calling Microsoft to report an issue about Windows 
> XP running under VMWare).
> Thank you.
> - Ivan
> Michelle Caisse wrote:
>> Sun offers support for Java DB, their distribution of Derby. See 
>> http://developers.sun.com/javadb/support/.
>> -- Michelle
>> Ivan B wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> My company is evaluating Derby as DB of the choice (moving away from 
>>> BDB). Can anyone tell me if there is any commercial grade support 
>>> for Derby DB (someone that we would pay in the case of escalations)?

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