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From Thomas Nielsen <Thomas.Niel...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Restricting number of connections from a single user
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2007 14:50:40 GMT
I believe Jørgens angle of attack here is that a badly programmed app 
would still thrive in embedded mode, and the student would never get 
that he is misbehaving?

Limitations on server access would quickly foster nice, pure code in 
this area - at least if there were some helpful exceptions thrown.

But, yes, going embedded would certainly help in a lot of other areas!

I guess the possibility of going embedded was never really on their 
mind. Enlightenment is one of the challenges of [pre|te]aching derby to 
those in a Oracle/Mysql mindset... :)


Rick Hillegas wrote:
> Why do they need a client-server setup, at least to start out with? I 
> would think that the course could start out with every student running 
> embedded against their own Derby database on their own laptop. Embedded 
> usage seems to me to be one of the great appeals of using Derby in the 
> classroom: it insulates students from all sorts of other mistakes that 
> other beginners may be making and it lets the students take their 
> homework off-campus and off-network. I would be tempted to introduce 
> client/server later on in the course after the students have learned 
> enough to be cautious about mistakes like opening too many connections

Thomas Nielsen

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