The current plug-in always includes libraries from the default plug-ins directory, so custom extension directories will not work.  There is a patch that fixes this problem here -  It uses a classpath container instead of the ECLIPSE_HOME variable.  The classpath container adds the JARs from wherever they are installed, instead of assuming that they are installed in the default plug-ins directory.   Please vote for this issue.

On 9/28/07, danga <> wrote:

Hi there,

I am using the Eclipse Europa RCP platform and lately installed the Apache
Derby Eclipse plug-ins.

Now I have a few questions:
1) Since I also have the javaDB installed (Java 1.6) why should I use the
plug-in ?
I notice that the same jar files are available ?

2) Is it not better to download Apache Derby and install it, instead of the

3) My third question is a bit more complex and is about using the Derby
plugin outside of my eclipse installation using a link file in my eclipse
environment that points to the directory where the plugp-in is installed.

I have created a separate directory where I unzipped the Apache Derby
plug-in. The structure of the directory is
eclipse-extension\eclipse\plugins\ ....

I added the Apache Derby plug-in's in this directory and I created a
.eclipseextension file.
Later I created a link file in my eclipse \link directory.

I restarted Eclipse and checked whether the plugins were available using
Help > About Eclipse SDK > Plugins ... and indeed they are shown.

Now I created a simple HelloWorld plug-in and the moment I try to add the
Derby nature I get an error message saying that my project is missing the
required libraries ... org.apache.derby.core derby.jar, derbyclient.jar,
derbynet.jar, derbytools.jar

When I look into the properties of my project under Java Build Path I can
see the derby jar-files are available. I can also see that the Plug-in
dependencies include these jar-files.

The error log says also the project cannot be built until build path errors
are resolved .

I tried afterwards the same thing but now I did not use a link file but the
product configuration manager using add extension location, the problem

When I add the plugins to the Eclipse plugin directory there is no problem.

What is wrong here and what is the best approach to follow ?


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