Well, this sounds nasty.  

In NetBeans 6, I did the following with an embedded connection (sorry, I'm not such a master with screen shots):

- Connected to the TRAVEL database, with the TRAVEL schema
- Executed 'CREATE SCHEMA foo;'
- Disconnected
- Clicked Connect and got the dialog, then chose Advanced, and then pressed [Get Schemas], and 'FOO' was on the list of available schemas

So it works in NetBeans 6

Now, in NetBeans 5.5.1, I did the same thing, and it worked for me.

So, we can conclude a couple of things:

- You are connected to a different database, even though you think it's the same one.  Wait, I think that may be possible . You seem to be using a different tool to create your schema and tables.  And when you  use an embedded connection to Derby, is your URL a full path to the database name, or a relative path?  If it's a relative path, then the database is created in the directory where your tool was started, which will likely be *different* from where NetBeans was started.  When NetBeans is connecting to the database with the same name, it may actually be a different physical file on the system, and thus the tables don't show up.

Try making sure your JDBC URL is a *full path* to a database location, e.g. "jdbc:derby:/this/is/the/path/to/my/db/mydb;create=true" or "jdbc:derby:c:/path/to/my/db/mydb;create=true" (note you use forward slashes even for Windows).

- You didn't create the schema (I find that hard to believe)
- You didn't create the tables (ditto)
- You have a different version of NB than I do, one that is broken

I think item 1 is likely the possible choice.

Did you know that you can execute SQL directly in NB?  So if you have SQL scripts, you can do the following:

-> Connect to your DB
-> Right click and choose "Execute Command..."
-> In the command window, right click and choose "Select in->Files".  This gives you a file browser. Browse to your SQL file, select it, and it's dropped into the command window
-> Punch the green arrow to execute the file

This way  you don't have the potential of working with two databases when you think you have one.


On 10/4/07, Daniel Noz <d.noz@gmx.de> wrote:
David Van Couvering schrieb:
The other problem that can happen is that the tables are created in a different schema than the one that is used when you connect with NetBeans.  Notice that your connection in NB is labeled 'bb on APP'.  That means it's using the default schema, APP.

It's possible that your tables were created under a different schema. In particular, if you log in as user 'foo' and there is a schema named 'foo' in the database, then that schema is used, otherwise 'APP' is used as the schema.

NetBeans currently *only* shows tables for the current schema, not for all schemas.  There is a feature request (I think) to add support to show all schemas.  This comes up pretty regularly.


On 10/3/07, Daniel Noz <d.noz@gmx.de> wrote:
Dyre.Tjeldvoll@Sun.COM schrieb:
Daniel Noz <d.noz@gmx.de> writes:

Hello derby-users,

I develop a richt client application with netbeans using derby-db and
toplink as JPA implementation.
If i use the embedded driver (see <property name="toplink.jdbc.driver "

value="org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver"/>) it works great to
persist Entity-Objects.
However i cant see anything within the database, i am using. I can
connect, hower i dont see any created tables or data within...? Is

this a feature with the embedded driver?
I know that my Entity Objects are within the database...if i use the
entitymanager to find the persited object..it works great...
By the way: I dont use the JavaEE lookup. I create the necessary

EntityManager instance like this:
EntityManagerFactory factory =
EntityManager em = factory.createEntityManager();

Can anyone help me and tell me if this is a feature or how to find the

created table or data within?
Could it be that you have two different databases with the same name
in different locations?

A similar situation was discussed here a while back. See

http://www.nabble.com/Hibernate%3A-table-view-does-not-exist-tf4521125.html HTH
I dont think so...
thats what i see within netbeans...

and here is my persistance.xml

i am meanwhile going to read through the link you sent me...thanks...

How can i change the schema within a embedded JAVA DB?
If i create a new connection with NetBeans

and i click "advanced"
i have to choose the schema...

but i can select only the schemas:

not the one i created earlier

Can anyone help me?

I am getting crazy with this embedded derby problem ....grrrr