I have been working to setup the JavaDB database as a Network Database, and using IBM's DB2 Client a user can setup a Client ODBC connection to the database.  I was able to do this successfully but it took some doing, reading, and guessing. 
Using the following link I was able to set this up but I still have some questions:
1) When setting up JavaDB, Derby, or Cloudscape as a network server where and at what points are the db2jcc.jar and the db2jcc_license_c.jar needed?  Are they needed in the classpath when the Server
is started up? when the database is created? Please help on this.
The above document seems to say it is only needed by the ij utility when the database is created.
2) Can the db2jcc.jar and the db2jcc_license_c.jar be moved or do they need to say in the directory
where the IBM db2 client was installed?  I could not connect from the db2 command line tool
when the jar files had been moved to their own directory, but when they were referenced from the
directory where they were installed I could connect.
Any help on this would be great. I have read the above linked document but these questions were
not really detailed in this.
Thank you.
-Robin Twombly