hi all
i encountered a very strange problem.
today the backup of a small db was 7.4 gb and it filled up my disk.
running "du -s" results in:
105194  backup/2007-10-14 03-09-31/
105214  backup/2007-10-15 03-10-23/
105250  backup/2007-10-16 03-09-40/
105318  backup/2007-10-17 03-09-29/
202713  backup/2007-10-18 03-09-52/
370164  backup/2007-10-19 03-10-36/
deleted the other backups in the meantime (space problems!)
if there were that many rows/data in my db i would not write this mail.
the strangest thing of all is that count(*) on one of the problematic tables is 141'655 while this table has 571'211 pages while estimspacesaving is 0 (numfreepages=0, numfilledpages=1).
the row-layout is 2 x bigint + 2 x 255varchar - this is much less than 1 kb
the pagesize is 4kb - more than one row should fit in one page
can anyone explain why the db started to grow so quickly in size? why would the numallocpages be more than count(*) - i never delete rows in this table!?!?
i'm using db-derby- and jdk1.5.0_09 (ok, i should update sometimes...)
thanks for any help