Thanks for your reply. The "REMARKS" column I am interested in would be the one returned in the ResultSet for getColumns().

I was hoping there was a way to write content into the REMARKS for a given column without having to build my own version of Derby. It seems like it would be a very convenient and useful feature, to be able to write the REMARKS. This could be used to annotate the columns of one's data model.

Is there any chance you would consider adding this as a feature? There could be a system call that would allow the REMARK to be written for a given column.


Hi Geoff,

Several DatabaseMetaData methods return ResultSets which have a column
named REMARKS. For instance, getColumns(), getTables(), and
getProcedures() return ResultSets which contain a REMARKS column. The
contents of these columns are determined by queries stored in the
following Derby source file:
java/engine/org/apache/derby/impl/jdbc/ In order to
change the contents of these columns, you would have to edit those
queries and build your own Derby engine.

Hope this helps,

Geoff hendrey wrote:
> I want to use the REMARKS column of DatabaseMetaData to store remarks
> about a column.
> I see how to retrieve the REMARKS, but how would I go about *setting*
> the REMARKS.
> -geoff