Hi Mamta thanks for the answer.
So basically Derby will only be up in one JVM at a time. Correct?
Néstor Boscán

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If a tool like ij is started in a new JVM, then it will not be able to connect to an embedded database which has been started by a different JVM.
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Hi Kristian

Thanks for the answer.

So this means that if I open the database using the EmbeddedDriver driver no
one can access the database from an outside connection?. Includiing tools
like ij?


Néstor Boscán

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Néstor Boscán wrote:
> Hi
> Is there a way to restrict external connection to a Derby Database?. I
> only want the JVM to be able to connect to the Derby database and no
> other external processes.


Unless I have misunderstood, sounds like you simply want to use Derby
embedded. This is done by using org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver and
specifying the connection URL as 'jdbc:derby:myDatabase[;create=true;...]'.
By default, no network server will be started and only the JVM is able to
access the database.

Note that 'myDatabase' can point to a database by using either a relative
path (relative to derby.system.home , or current working directory if it is
unset) or an absolute path.

Did that answer you question, or do you have any further requirements?


> Regards,
> Néstor Boscán