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From "Luis Angel Fernandez Fernandez" <laff...@gmail.com>
Subject MySQL to Derby update question
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2007 15:18:42 GMT

  I'm migrating a database an application that used MySQL server to
Derby database (and this is the first time I work with derby). More or
less it's done but, I have a problem with a mysql update query (what I
didn't do :)):

UPDATE connecteurs,boitier_connecteurs,boitiers SET
connecteurs.nom='TREO650' WHERE
connecteurs.id=boitier_connecteurs.id_connecteur AND
boitier_connecteurs.id_boitier=boitiers.id AND boitiers.emplacement=1
AND boitier_connecteurs.emplacement = 'C';

  It gave to me an error at the first ','. I've been searching in
Google and it seems that in ANSI SQL update only updates one table so
I think that's what's wrong with the query. Can update make updates in
more than one table?

  Thanks in advance.


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