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From "Bob Durie" <bob.du...@thirdbrigade.com>
Subject RE: derby/jvm crashes
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2007 20:21:42 GMT
I think I will try the reduction in memory to see how it operates when
forced into a smaller bundle.

It's the SUN JDK, actually the JRE from the 1.5.0_11 JDK.  We can't move
to 1.6 right now so I don't think trying a new JRE is an option, but we
will definitely do it for the next release of our product.

I'm waiting on the derby.log's...  once I have them I will definitely
post them here, likely in a few days.


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From: Gabe Wong [mailto:gabrielw@ngasi.com] 
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 12:10 PM
To: Derby Discussion
Subject: Re: derby/jvm crashes

To add to Knut comments,
What OS are you running? Is the JDK from SUN or is it from an 
alternative source such as the GNU JDK?

Knut Anders Hatlen wrote:
> Bob Durie <bob.durie@thirdbrigade.com> writes:
>> Hi,
>> We use derby as one option for database support for an enterprise
>> product.  We're using derby with the 1.5.0_11 jre, hotspot
>> server version.  Occasionally when our application is using derby (it
>> also supports oracle, sql server, and never seems to crash when using
>> those) we get crashes.  The jvm will dump hs_err file in the working
>> directory.  I've got a bunch of these sample files output below (just
>> the beginning of the output).
>> We cannot trace down a particular action within our application that
>> causes these, but low memory, VM environments seem to trigger it.
>> Sometimes right at startup, sometimes after running for a while.  Our
>> application has a fixed upper bounded jvm memory usage of 1 GB
>> (-Xmx1024m), but the VM's never have that much dedicated ram.
>> we don't get OutOfMemory exceptions or anything anomalous leading up
>> these crashes, they just happen.
>> The crashes are not always in a "CompilerThread" (crashes 1-3 below),
>> sometimes they are in our code too (see crash 4 below).  And then
>> sometimes they're not even in derby code (crash 5 and 6 below).
>> Below are a few sample crashes.  Does anyone have *any* suggests on
>> I can try to do here?  I don't know where to begin!!!
> This sounds more like a JVM bug than a Derby bug, so I would start by
> trying out a newer version of the JVM to see if the bug has been fixed
> there.
> That said, Derby is an embedded database, so the JVM process in which
> the enterprise server is running probably needs more memory than with
> databases that run in a separate server process. I don't know what
> happens if the JVM tries to allocate more memory than physically
> available, but it's worth a try to reduce the maximum heap size (the
> -Xmx flag).


Gabe Wong
Private JVM JAVA Hosting Automation

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