DDL statements are not allowed in triggers, directly or via a procedure called from a trigger. I checked the codeline.


On 8/19/07, Javier Fonseca V. <fonsecajavier@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello.  I'm trying to do a trigger that fires after an INSERT INTO a table.
This trigger will call a Java procedure that performs some operations in the Database ... and then decide to CREATE TABLE according to a sequence for later local replication purposes.
But I can't make it work.  It's failing in the CREATE TABLE step.  It looks like DDL is not supported in Derby Triggers, even if they are in a stored procedure.  If I call the procedure manually with some test values, it works.  But I need it to work it triggered in Derby.  I already did it in PostgreSQL (master DB) and I don't know why Derby doesn't allow me to do the same.
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Javier Fonseca
Barranquilla, Colombia