Further to this, I have looked at the method getArray() but it generates a not supported exception.  I have also looked at using the JDBC type JAVA_OBJECT and then using it as an array but I am unable to get past syntax errors when declaring the procedure with an OUT parameter of that type – it just doesn’t seem to recognise JAVA_OBJECT or OTHER which I found in the Derby reference manual.


Can anyone help me fetch multiple rows from a procedure call?






From: John C. Turnbull [mailto:ozemale@ozemail.com.au]
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Subject: Returning multiple rows from a procedure call


I am a bit confused... I would like to have a procedure “return” multiple rows but I can’t see any way to achieve this as the only methods available to process out parameters do not allow the specification of a row number.  So is it possible to have a Java method that invokes a procedure and then process the multiple rows it generates?  If so how?




John C. Turnbull