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From Alan Burlison <Alan.Burli...@sun.com>
Subject Re: NPE when connecting to database with securityMechanism=8
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2007 13:15:54 GMT
Alan Burlison wrote:

>> The network server actually uses the embedded driver to perform database
>> operations, so any application running in the same JVM as the server
>> could have access to the database directly through the embedded
>> driver. In your setup, I think it would make sense to use Derby this
>> way. The servlets could access the database without doing any network
>> I/O, and thereby improving the performance, whereas the external scripts
>> could use the network client driver and don't involve Tomcat. Derby's
>> manuals call this configuration an "Embedded Server" (see
>> http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/10.3/adminguide/cadminov17524.html).
> I knew it worked, but I didn't know if it was correct to use the 
> embedded driver in that situation.  After following the link you sent I 
> found the following in:
> http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/10.3/adminguide/radminembeddedserverex.html
> "The program that starts the Network Server can access the database by 
> using either the embedded driver or the Network Client driver."

One other question: If I am attaching to a derby instance that is 
running inside the same JVM, should I be using the client driver or the 
embedded driver?  From observation the client driver works with both 
"jdbc:derby://locahost/mydb" and "jdbc:derby:mydb", but should I be 
using the client driver only for "jdbc:derby://locahost/mydb" and the 
embedded driver for "jdbc:derby:mydb"?

Alan Burlison

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