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From "Bogdan Calmac" <bc4...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: lock escalation and deadlocks
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 11:16:38 GMT
Hi Brian,

OK, I see. What I said about escalation is wrong. I looked with new
eyes at the trace (see a more relevant summary below) and here's what
appears to happen:

 - 216 (the select thread) holds a lock on 1,1 and waits for a lock on 1,7
 - 183 (the insert thread) holds many locks, including 1,7
 - 226 (maybe some db internal) waits for a lock on 1,1

226 must probably be forked from from 183 (the insert thread), that's
how the deadlock would make sense.

So the original question remains: Is it expected behaviour for insert
and select on the same table to deadlock each other? Can you figure
out the relationship between 183 and 226? As a comparison, the same
test works fine on other databases with a similar locking approach.

*** The following row is the victim ***
216       |ROW          |S   |0        |(1,7)     |WAIT |T
*** The above row is the victim ***
216       |ROW          |S   |1        |(1,1)     |GRANT|T
226       |ROW          |X   |0        |(1,1)     |WAIT |T
183       |ROW          |X   |1        |(1,7)     |GRANT|T
183       |TABLE        |IX  |476      |Tablelock |GRANT|T
216       |TABLE        |IS  |2        |Tablelock |GRANT|T
... and many more like the row below
183       |ROW          |X   |1        |(1,65)    |GRANT|T

Another observation that might be useful for the interpretation is
that the trace is the same on every run. The record of contention is
always (1,7)



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