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From Teja <t...@synapse.ws>
Subject Re: Embedded or Network Framework?
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 14:52:30 GMT

Thanks for your reply... In your case, I see only a web server connecting to
the database, even if there are multiple web applications, they still go
through the web server right, so there is only one JVM and embedded database
will suffice???

But in my case, I have a web server and another application both accessing
the database. I was leaning towards the network server framework, but I
wanted to eliminate the embedded solution. 

Because eventually, the java app and the web server and derby db are going
to be packaged as one. So I don't want to bring network framework in to
picture unless it is absolutely necessary.

Can someone confirm this:

In my java app, on startup or so, I 'load' the embedded derby driver, so the
database is ready to be used by the java app. But I also launch the web
server (separate thread) through the same app, so the web server is still
running in the same JVM(?).

And then there is a web app which accesses teh database (through the web
server ofcourse (?)).
So in my web app database classes, can I just ignore the 'load' driver
line.. Class.forName(..); and proceed directly with the embedded connection
urls to access the db tables?

Note that at any given time, both the web app and java app will be accessing
the same database. In such scenario, can someone confirm that there will be
no data corruption and Embedded framework will take care of transactional
safety and such?

Manjula Kutty wrote:
> Hi Teja,
> Based on your description , I think Network Server will be the best
> solution. I have a java/jsp application which uses Derby and then I'm
> using
> a webserver to get the tables/ and rows and I use the networkserver for
> that
> application and it works like a charm. Hope this helps you
> Regards,
> Manjula
> On 8/9/07, Teja Palla <teja@synapse.ws> wrote:
>>  I am new to Derby and unable to figure out which framework suits my
>> situation: Embedded or NetworkServer framework.
>> I have a java application (which is a media server, sort of like flash
>> media server, but written all in java), for which I wish to use derby as
>> its
>> database. The app will have say stuff like channels and channel schedules
>> etc... very small database, just one database. Now, on the same machine
>> in
>> the java application I also embed (load) a servlet container (winstone:
>> http://winstone.sourceforge.net/).
>> Later on, I develop web applications where say users can look at the
>> available channels and schedules.. (so the web app needs database
>> interaction).
>> So my question is, what framework needs to be used? will embedded
>> framework suffice because I see only one JVM here? Please advise..
> -- 
> Thanks,
> Manjula.

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