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From Dyre.Tjeldv...@Sun.COM
Subject Re: Is the derby project still active?
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 07:41:20 GMT
Daniel Fitzgerald <fk852@ncf.ca> writes:

> It has been quite a while since any new builds or enhancements have
> been done on this software. 

Excuse me. Since when is six months "quite a while"? Even for open
source projects?

> Is this project dead or in stasis? 

The 892 unread emails in my derby-dev folder says no...

> It has it's niche i.e. small footprint and can be packaged with your
> jars ( albeit cumbersome).

Feel free to suggest a better way of doing it :)

> I read a white-paper a while ago about performance
> but the problems didn't seem insurmountable and indeed, it alluded to
> possible solutions.
> Anyway, I downloaded it and tried it out; it seemed fine as an
> application data repository (in SQL) so I hope the project doesn't die
> on the vine. 

Don't think you need to worry. 

> It doesn't seem like it even got a chance to get out into
> the public at large for a proper trial. Just my thoughts. Thank you.

Eh... maybe you have not heard that JavaDB (aka Derby) is bundled with JDK 1.6?


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