I'm interested in that:
"fork a new process running ij".
I virtually know nothing about that topic.
Could you please give me some simple
"HelloWorld" example on that?

2007/6/14, Thomas Nielsen <Thomas.Nielsen@sun.com>:

If Tonys suggestion of looking at org.apache.derby.impl.tools.ij doesn't
give you what you need, then your last resort would probably be to fork
a new process running ij with a command script (that does what you do at
the ij prompt today) to do your db creation / shutdown. Check the
exitvalue and/or parse the output from the process to deduce success or
failure the create/shutdown steps.


yarono wrote:
> What I'm trying to do is to create DB's and shut them down - all from my code
> in c.
> My current status is that I'm able to perform the above functions (meaning
> create DB and shutdown) via the ij prompt, run my code to perform table
> creation, insertions, etc.. The shutdown and creation of the db's is done
> through the ij prompt, while the rest of my code is in c.
> I want the whole thing to be done in c.
> Thomas Nielsen - Sun Microsystems - Trondheim, Norway wrote:
>> hi yarono,
>> What exactly do you want to do?
>> - fork a new process to run ij (with or without a SQL script)?
>> - execute SQL commands from C?
>> If you are trying to fork a new process running ij, then please refer to
>> a suitable OS programmers guide on how to do this.
>> If you are trying to execute SQL in C, then you're looking for a ODBC
>> driver. Derby does not come with a (free) ODBC driver, so your options
>> are to buy a (DRDA capable) ODBC driver, or use a ODBC-JDBC bridge
>> driver with the Derby JDBC driver. Not aware of any free ODBC-JDBC
>> bridge drivers off the top of my head if free is what you are looking for.
>> Hope this helps :)
>> Cheers,
>> Thomas
>> yarono wrote:
>>> Is there a way to run the 'ij commands' in my code (written in c), just
>>> as I
>>> execute SQL statements?
>> --
>> Thomas Nielsen

Thomas Nielsen