Hi all,
I'm brand new to Derby. Having been through the tutorial exercises, I've started on the joyous task of migrating my Oracle schema to Derby and I'm finding quite a few things in the DDL that it doesn't like. I've been able to re-phrase / remove most of them, but one in particular is causing me a problem: I have many column names that include the characters "##", and Derby doesn't like them. For example:
  (u##intepn varchar (30) NOT NULL);
gives me a lexical error. I can work around it by adding speech marks:
  ("u##intepn" varchar (30) NOT NULL);
...but it's a bit of a pain because I also have to:
select "u##intepn" from componen;
to avoid further lexical errors.
Much of the SQL in my app is generated by Java and it is supposed to be database-independant. In Oracle, doing that last select with the speech marks around the column name would cause it to return the literal string "u##intepn" rather than the column value. Is there a way to get Derby to be a bit more chilled about this particular character, so that I don't have to use quotes everywhere?
Oh, and while I'm at it: is there a Derby equivalent to Oracle's SPOOL command? I want to record all the errors from my DDL script in a logfile, and they're not getting written to derby.log...