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From "Calvin (Yu-Hui) Liu" <koif...@shaw.ca>
Subject Re: How to shutdown with authentication
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2007 03:14:55 GMT
Hi, Leonard,

I'm new to derby so maybe this is a stupid question for you: why do you 
want to use derby, especially use it as a network service? In another 
word, what's the use case of you? It's reasonable for me to use it as 
embedded db. But as long as we have more mature db like mysql, I can't 
understand that. Could you please give me some clue? Thanks!

Best regards,

Leonard Sitongia
> Hello,
> I've enabled user connection authentication in my standalone network derby 
> server on Linux.  I think that one of the manuals said that in this case the 
> stopNetworkServer should be configured to use authentication.  But, I don't 
> see how do to this.  Any, searching the documents mailing list seems to 
> suggest that it cannot be done, but needs to be done in order to make the 
> startup cleaner the next time.
> Thanks for your help!

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