Hi Laura,

    When you set an environment variable using CLI, you want to omit the '%' character.  You'll want to try:

    set derby_home=c:\derby_10\db-derby-\derbydbs

    instead of

    set %derby_home%=c:\derby_10\db-derby-\derbydbs


On 5/10/07, Laura Stewart < scotsmatrix@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi - When I try to perform activity 2, I run into problems.  I'm
pretty sure that it has to do with how I set my %derby_home% or PATH
environment variables.

I use Windows and set my environment variables through the Control Panel.
I set the %derby_home% environment variable to:
Notice this is not the \bin subdirectory

I added this to my PATH

Now when I try Activity 2, the first step is to change to the new
derydbs directory that I created, and set my %derby_home env. var. in
a command window  So I am assuming that this will override the setting
in the Control Panel for the duraction of the session (the window is
active) and that I need to set it to:

but when I run the following command from a command window and try to
"echo %derby_home%" it still says that it is set to
C:\Derby_10\db-derby- :
     set %derby_home%=c:\derby_10\db-derby-\derbydbs

Any suggestions on where I have gone wrong will be appreciated :-)

Laura Stewart

Raymond Kroeker