i am studying and asking questions about licensing so when i post my project it will comply if i put it on my personal web site.

i used fatjar with one-jar and fat-jar said it is under the gpl.  the way i used derby was to access my derby checkbook database through hibernate (most of the time) or with java.

i am wondering does my program (a checking account program written with java,
apache derby, and hibernate) have to be totally gpl because of fatjar.  am i permitted to use derby as it is under a different license?  i embedded derby in the fatjar with onejar.  i didn't change any source with derby - just use it to store,
retrieve, edit and delete data.  so the distribution of derby would be embedded
and of course a data file(s).

i noticed that some lgpl and gpl libraries encourage people to put notices in each
source file.  it seems that it might take a long time to go through and change each notice from each file in the source from lgpl to gpl.  i am so glad hibernate didnt do that.

my program is finished except for getting this license stuff worked out.

thanks for any help.  this is lots to keep track of .
i hope i can finish with licenses soon.
i will be up for a few more hours hoping for a response.


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