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From "Alan M. Feldstein" <a...@alanfeldstein.com>
Subject VALUES expression, BLOB, and using ij
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 01:42:49 GMT
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Programmatically, I was able to provide the value for a BLOB column
from a binary file with the following code sequence:<br>
pstmt =
connection.prepareStatement( "INSERT INTO \"ADDTestCases\" (
\"pairID\", \"expectedSum\", \"executableFile\" ) VALUES( " +
Long.toString( pairID ) + ", " + Long.toString(
testCase.getExpectedSum() ) + ", ? )" );</tt><br>
  <tt>File file = testCase.getExecutable().getFile();</tt><br>
  <tt>FileInputStream stream = new FileInputStream( file );</tt><br>
  <tt>pstmt.setBinaryStream( 1, stream, (int)( file.length() ) );</tt><br>
Alternatively, I should be able to use ij to execute SQL statements
interactively or via a script in order to add a couple of rows to the
database. So far, I have:<br>
<blockquote><tt>INSERT INTO "ADDTestCases" ( "pairID", "expectedSum",
"executableFile" ) VALUES( 1, 0, ? );<br>
INSERT INTO "ADDTestCases" ( "pairID", "expectedSum", "executableFile"
) VALUES( 2, 1, ? );<br>
but I don't think ij is going to like the dynamic parameters.
Furthermore, I haven't thought of a way to set up the binary stream in
that environment. Is something like this going to be possible using ij?<br>
I want to put a couple of rows into the database on a clean machine
using a minimalist approach, as proof of concept for the specification
database specification I'm writing <a
I'll be just about done writing that Web page once I can explain the
requirements for populating the executableFile column.<br>
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