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From yarono <yar...@il.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Derby db - need to disable improved performance
Date Sun, 27 May 2007 15:50:22 GMT

My OS is suse10.

my JVM is IBM's version 1.4.2 as detailed in the following link:

The app is indeed single-threaded, so group commit is not the issue.

The synchronous write was measured in c (not in java).

Is there a way to control or configure the synchronization of writes of the

Mike Matrigali wrote:
> is your app single threaded, if so group commit is not the issue.
> What is your OS?  What is your JVM?  Derby may use different syncing
> algorithms depending on JVM version.
> How did you measure synchronous write, ie. did you
> write a java program and execute against the same JVM as derby is 
> running in?
> The disk that that contains the log directory is the one of interest. 
> Each transaction is made up of a number of log records.  From your 
> description each transaction will have the following:
> begin log record
> insert log record for row into base table
> insert log record for row into primary key index
> commit log record
> yarono wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm working on a simple db. Each record is composed of 3 long values. The
>> first two are the primary key.
>> I have to measure the performance of the insertions. Each insertion is
>> wrapped in a transaction, which is commited having only one insertion in
>> it.
>> I've measured both berkeley db performance and postgres and got about
>> 110-115 insertions per second.
>> Now in derby db (both in embeded mode and server mode) I get better
>> performance: about 250-300 insertions per second. This obviously results
>> from some kind of a group commit, although I get these results both when
>> auto-commiting or manual-commiting after each insertion.
>> I've performed a simple test of synchronious writing 24 bytes (3 * 8
>> bytes)
>> to the disk. It measure 117 writes per second, and I believe this is the
>> upper bound of any db performance.
>> So, I don't understand why I get such good performance, although I commit
>> after each insertion.
>> I examined the .dat files in both /log and /seg0 folders. None of them
>> increase in 24 bytes segments, but rathar bigger segments.
>> So, my questions are:
>> 1. Which log file in /log or /seg0 should I examine to analyze the numebr
>> of
>> bytes written each write to disk?
>> 2. How do I disable the group commit or whatever attribute that causes
>> this
>> communal write? how do I make each transaction be written on its own to
>> the
>> disk?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Yaron

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