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From Stanley Bradbury <Stan.Bradb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Concurrency and locks in multi-user application
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 00:52:52 GMT
To narrow things down turn on lock tracing (deadlockTrace) and 
monitoring (monitor) and examine the additional information in derby.log 
file.  If the blocking is happening at the row level I would not expect 
the behavior you describe.  If, for some reason, there is a table lock 
being held you need to determine why.  The trace printed to the Derby 
logfile will show the lock types.

http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/10.2/tuning/rtunproper98166.html  and

If the same SQL statements are involved in most blocking analyze the 
statement to be sure indexes are being used:

Also look at the 'Locking and performance' section of the tuning guide, 
particularly the section on lock escalation if table level locks are 
being held:


Tosurinchi wrote:
> Hi guys, 
> I have a general question after getting a little lost in the documentation.
> Please bear with me since I'm not database guru :) 
> I embed derby- in my application which basically work like this.
> There is a single thread which inserts/deletes data into a single table.
> There are many other threads (user sessions) which read from the same table.
> This table can get quite large, and users read data by means of scrollable
> result sets which I keep per user session. Kinda long conversation. I think
> this is a pretty typical application and it works fine with other databases
> I've tried so far - postgree, hsqdb, oracle, mysql. Lately I came up to
> Derby because I think it's so cool and easily embeddable into my system,
> but. I am getting a little lost not being a super expert in database
> internals. What happens is that read and write work perfectly as long as
> they work separately. As soon as there is at least one user session which
> tries to scroll through the data, the inserts stop working. I have lock
> timeouts and other scary things... My question would be, - why this same
> scenario works out of the box with other databases and how do I make derby
> also work, I really want to support it in my application. Any help or hint
> is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.

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