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From frederic barachant <ms.barach...@free.fr>
Subject Re: commit then read immediately
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 16:12:30 GMT
Bryan Pendleton a écrit :
>> Initialisation consists in writing objects through jpa. After commit 
>> is done, the program starts and reads back those data.
> I haven't heard of any problems involving a delay after commit in Derby
> itself. Perhaps jpa is not committing the data when you think it is, or
> perhaps your program is starting too soon?
The two parts of the program are executed one after the other, so there 
can be no read before write and even if there would be a possibility for 
the two (netbeans modules) to be swapped, it would hang. First module 
starts a socket after db is initialised and second module can only get 
the data through that socket. (in case you wonder why, multiple machines 
can access that data, so i only implemented socket to reduce code and 
hopefully problems. That access is not a bottleneck. )
I just double-double checked that there were no read access to the data 
before write.
> Is this one program or two? Are there multiple threads involved? What is
> your transaction isolation level?
This is a netbeans module suite, database is filled during startup using 
their startup hooks.
The data is accessed seconds later from the AWT thread when i try to 
display them in a TreeView (thus in AWT thread, thus an other one).

Transaction is the default one, so i guess from documentation it is 


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