I cannot find anywhere in the Derby documentation what are legal characters in a userName.
From the web i find thing alluding to alphnumeric + _, someone offering a patch to change this.

Maybe this should be documented somewhere?   thanks

> If I try to connect, the error thrown is
>     ij> connect
> 'jdbc:derby:testdb;create=true;user=skambha@xyz.com;password=a';
>     ERROR 28502: The user name 'skambha@xyz.com' is not valid.
> The first error is being thrown from this method in
> org.apache.derby.impl.sql.conn.GenericLanguageConnectionContext#getAuthorizationId(String
> username) This method calls the IdUtil.parseId() which will for an
> unqualified id,  check if the string has only characters from a-z, A-Z
> and _ and digits.
> I want to remove this restriction for the username case.

Dave Been