be careful while using it it does not effect performence where as in mysql and others it does derby will retrive all rows but return only what you set through setMaxRows  had a similar problem  i was using limit to get only a single row in mysql query returned instantly with a single row but with derby it took around 15 seconds it was reading everything if you set setMaxRows or not. my work around was read them 1000 at a time cache in the application then use them one by one.

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On Mar 16, 2007, at 3:04 PM, John H. Embretsen wrote:

ccl007 wrote:
you know in mysql ,we can use limit to query certain number of rows from a
table in database like select * from table1 limit 2,7; what kind of sql
language should i use in derby to perform the same kind of function in derby

I believe you have hit FAQ 5.2:

If the answer to the FAQ is not satisfactory, you can vote for the
relevant JIRA issue(s) that suggest similar functionality in Derby SQL (I found, and/or get involved in
Derby development and help implement a solution... ;)

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their answers.