In Derby the your given db name is the same as the directory name. So if your database named "myDb" is in c:\a, then the directory structure will show as c:\a\MyDb and if you want that db (here MyDB) to be backed up in a:\d derby will back up the whole MyDB (will not rename to "d"). So your backed up db will be inc:\d and the directory structure for the backupdb will be c:\d\MyDb. If this is not clear, more information is provided here

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Is there any particular reason that the built-in system procedure for backing up a database doesn't back it up to the directory I specify, but to a subdirectory of the directory I specify?  For example, if my database is in a directory called c:\a\b and I request to back it up to c:\d, it puts it in c:\d\b.  This is a bit annoying, and confusing for end users.