I’ve been trying to use the “SYSCS_INPLACE_TABLE_COMPRESSION (SCHEMA, TABLE, 1, 1, 1)” with the intent of recovering disk space and reducing the size of the “*.dat” files.  Our database has grown quite big, as the combined size of the five largest “.dat” files is about 2 GB.  I have deleted all of the records in each of the tables, but when I run the “Inplace” Compression utility, no disk space is recovered and the size of the “*.dat” files is not reduced..  I have had success using the other compression utility “SYSCS_TABLE_COMPRESSION(SCHEMA, TABLE, 1)”.  The version of the DB is 10.1.2.  Any suggestions or comments as to what I might be missing/misunderstanding about the way the “Inplace” Compression works?