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From "Sedillo, Derek \(Mission Systems\)" <Derek.Sedi...@ngc.com>
Subject Oracle Database Synchronization
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 22:04:08 GMT

Currently we are looking at using Derby as a cache for a larger Oracle
database to we work with.  We can connect to this larger database via
JDBC but cannot control its code (e.g. triggers, procedures, etc...).

I need to find a way to synchronize some of our Derby tables with it.  I
was wondering if someone may have some ideas on synchronization that
doesn't involve changes to the parent database?

I was thinking of writing a update procedure that could be run
periodically from a cron job or?  The procedure could connect to the
Oracle DB and Derby and retrieve a resultSet from both.  I could then
look for a delta between the tables and perform an update with that
delta.  But I am not quite sure how I would compare the result sets,
especially in an efficient manner.

Thanks for any ideas you may have on the matter.

- Derek

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