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From Luigi Lauro <luigi.la...@gmail.com>
Subject Derby storage using Java Web Start PersistenceService API - is it doable?
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 11:18:12 GMT
I'm currently developing a JWS application using Derby as caching/ 
persistence provider for my application data.

Since ease of deployment and user-friendliness are the main focuses  
of this app, and therefore I would love to give the least possible  
popup warning boxes to the user, is it possible to have Derby write/ 
read to the storage area provided by the JNLP PersistenceService API?

AFAIK derby can be used only by providing a standard  
'directory' (derby home) where derby will save and load his files.  
Would it be possible to extend derby (maybe adding a new 'storage'  
implementation for a given interface) to make use of this JNLP API  
for storage, or at least programmatically hand a 'directory/file' to  
Derby, in order to write a File/Directory wrapper implementing the  
standard java interfaces around the JNLP FileContents interface?

Since Derby is now bundled with the Java6 JDK as JavaDB, I think this  
integration would go a long way towards making derby more developer- 
friendly in Java Web Start environments, where using the sandbox  
tools Sun provides us it the right way to go, instead of working  
around it and force the user to give the app the authorization to  
write on the hard drive IMHO.

I'm also willing to provide my help as a senior java developer  
(although I know nothing of Derby internals of course) to hack this  
feature into next derby version, if this is feasible in a few days work.

Thanks in advance for any answer,

Luigi Lauro

JNLP APIs: http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/jre/api/javaws/jnlp/
PersistenceService: http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/jre/api/javaws/ 

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