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From frederic barachant <ms.barach...@free.fr>
Subject Re: out of memory when writing blobs
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 08:40:11 GMT
Oh, and please forgive me for not doing a loop instead of the copy/paste 
thing in the test case...
Also, the setProperty() has nothing to do with the case, it was a 
forgotten attempt to find a workaround.

frederic barachant a écrit :
> Hello.
> For two days i am fighting a problem when using JPA (toplink) with 
> derby to persist data of my program.
> One object i persist saves a byte[] into a blob. I looked for oome 
> reports and checked for bug 1693, which was corrected for 10.2.2.
> I modified its test class in order to check for what should JPA be 
> doing and found that in order to be able to save some 8MB arrays, i 
> need to set java heap to 128MB. Also, if i try to persist objects with 
> multiple 4-6MB arrays, i get oome with 64MB after only a handful of 
> persisted objects.
> Is that intended?
> Of course, sending data to the database using a stream works, but as 
> far as i could gather, sending the array through a stream during 
> persistence is not possible.
> I am using derby 10.2.2, java 1.6.0_01ea
> I will be very grateful for any idea on how to solve that.
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