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From Valentin Cozma <vco...@elfyard.com>
Subject Derby problem
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 10:19:03 GMT
Dear all,

I am using derby version .
One of my clients ( the one with the largest database, around 70 MB ) 
has the following problem :

- tries to add something into the application, the application does the 
job in about 5-10 minutes. It is a very simple task and should take less 
than 1 second. It adds a receipt in the database. Processor is 100 % used.
- after deleting all the receipts, the application performs the same 
operation normally.

I checked the application , I seems correct.
I checked on windows and linux, no permission problems.
Other sections of the applications perform correctly.
I checked in both embedded and network server mode, same problem.
I checked with the debugger, the most "used" code is in Derby, something 
like "PlainSocket" .

Questions :
- Anybody had a similar problem ?
- Is this related to the size of the database ?
- Does it seem like a bug in Derby ?

I can provide the database if required.

Thank you !

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