Greetings to all the Derbites in mailing list land.  I have a rather simple, but potentially complicated question.

I grabbed a copy of the latest derby-bin distribution.  I ran the scripts required to run it as a network server, just as a quick little test in the console.

The first concern I have is that anyone seems to have the ability to connect to my server and create databases?
I did a bit of searching with Google and also within the derby site and came up with all kinds of very complicated and confusing recommendations to "secure" a server.  Some were in the manual, referring to authentication, others involved using a Java security manager.  Neither of which were explained in such a way that I could easily absorb or put into practical use.  Especially the Java security manager.

Is there any resource that is straightforward, concise and simple that can help me set up a derby network server that authenticates based on username/password pairs?  I'm talking MySQL-easy (anyone can set up a MySQL server!).

Thank you to all who reply...

- Alexander Trauzzi