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From Nurullah Akkaya <nurullah_akk...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Limit on number of rows a table can hold?
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 19:28:08 GMT
Hi David,

each machine has its own database(in embedded mode), distribution is  
done via our application each machine holds roughly 20gb of data


On Feb 21, 2007, at 8:49 PM, David Van Couvering wrote:

> Hi, Nurullah.  You say that you spread the database over a bunch of  
> machines.  Does that mean you're running multiple Derby instances,  
> each embedded into a process running on a different machine?  Or do  
> you have one Derby instance that holds a 20gb table?
> David
> Nurullah Akkaya wrote:
>> i have a 20 gb table with over 100 million rows thats growing 1  
>> million rows per day. i think it depends on what you trying to  
>> achieve my application distributes a big database over a bunch of  
>> machines so running a separate heavy server process was causing me  
>> problems and switching derby saved a lot of resources and  
>> application is much faster. but i am sure there is some body  
>> else's application that will be much faster under DB2 or oracle.
>> Nurullah Akkaya                                                    
>> On Feb 20, 2007, at 2:54 PM, Tim Troup wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Is there a limit on the number of rows a table can hold?
>>> I am planning on using derby as the RDBMS for a system that will  
>>> require tables to hold billions of rows.
>>> Thanks, Tim

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