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From Xanana Gusmao <gmaneNov.20.geekrun...@spamgourmet.com>
Subject Re: ( Cannot close active connection
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 09:26:40 GMT

In terms of upgrading, I will come back to you later on that. This is a
production system running with a JDO layer. I encountered this problem when I
wanted to access the data via pure JDBC.

Currently for my test code, I'm just doing a Class.forName() and
DriverManager.getConnection(). I'll be using DBCP for pooling later.

The SQLException happens within JdbcUtil.closeConnection(..)
That means, any updates to the database has already been "committed" when this
error occurs. It seems benign enough to ignore ?

The implementation of JdbcUtil.rollback(conn) just does conn.rollback(). No
rollback took place.

One more thing, the application is running under "equinox", an OSGI container.



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