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From Alexander Schatten <ala...@gmx.at>
Subject Re: renaming columns
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2006 22:32:50 GMT
Paul J DeCoursey wrote:
> I personally don't mind the limitations and sometimes welcome them.  
> They force me to be more forward thinking in my db design. And for 
> most things Derby is perfect, I use it most often for quick 
> prototyping and proof of concept builds. Then when it comes time to 
> build out production systems I will often move to a larger Database 
> product. I often find that Derby works fine even in production 
> environments.  You just have to think ahead about what changes to the 
> structure could happen down the road.


there are some advantages Derby has (mainly considering ACID), but 
considering your scenario I really wonder why you would want to accept 
this considering there are systems like hsqldb and H2 and One$DB that 
offer these features with some drawbacks (hsqldb) that are mainly 
relevant for production systems???

this I do not get. I actually want(ed) Derby because I could also use it 
in the production system, but this is obviously not such a good idea at 
the moment...


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