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From Alexander Schatten <ala...@gmx.at>
Subject Re: renaming columns
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2006 16:21:29 GMT
I was recently extremely disappointed and annoyed too, as I could not 
believe, that such a fundamental feature is missing; what's even worse 
is the fact, that deleting of rows is not possible (can you imagine 
that, when you worked with mySQL, PostgreSQL, hsqldb, ... before??) and 
so on.

I would highly recommend you check the alter table syntax and think of 
the consequences, when you use the current version.
So when you have to do minor modifications on the schema you are 
actually often in deep sh... because all workarounds are unbelievably 
laborious (check out the tips I received recently). This is terrible, 
particularly when you are working on the database schema in development 
time. However, this is nothing you want to do if you want to keep some 
kind of efficiency in development, and it is also not a risk I want to 
take in case I have to restructure a running database instance.

*I* am listening to the newswire and hope for the next release, but for 
now, I changed back th hsqldb and I am monitoring H2.

best greetings


Ralf Wiebicke wrote:
> I'm wondering, that such a fundamental feature is not yet available in the 
> latest release. I noticed derby, because its included in Java 6. So I 
> thought, it's mature enough to support it in my project. All other databases 
> I use do support renaming columns. I'm not yet sure, whether I want to work 
> around this problem, or wait for the next release.
> Best regards,
> Ralf.

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