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From Stanley Bradbury <Stan.Bradb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: AW: AW: somtimes no connect
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 18:51:20 GMT
Comments inline - prefaced by  '>>'
NOTE: I am not a Network architect but believe my understanding as 
described below is correct.

Steffen Winkler wrote:
> Thank you Stan.
> We come closer to the solution:
> Application, database and Network server is installed on the same computer
> (Laptop).
> Url contains computername (e.g. danxpu73).
> If the network-cable is plugged off, the connection closes with following
> error:
>  -4499: A communications error has been detected: Connection reset by peer:
> socket write error.
 >> OK, the Client or the Server (whomever printed the error) noticed 
that the connection had been broken and probably marked the connection 
as disabled.
> Restart the application and ping leads to the error:
> DRDA_NoIO.S:Es konnte keine Verbindung zu Derby Network Server auf dem Host
> danxpu73, Port 1527, hergestellt werden.
> That means "no connection possible".
 >> Sounds like the network cable is still unplugged so there is not way 
to address the network and so this error makes sense.
> Shutdown the server leads to the error:
> -4499 java.net.NoRouteToHostException : Error connecting to server danxpu73
> on port 1527 with message No route to host: connect.
> Restarting the Network-Sever solves this problem.
 >> No route because the network cable is still unplugged?
> If the network-cable is plugged off and re-plugged in, then new connection
> of the application is possible.
 >> So now the network is back and you can connect again.
> Similar problems occur, when I use IP-Number instead of computername.
 >> OK, using IP or hostname on the URL invokes network code and 
requires a network connection regardless of where the client is located
> No problem occurs, when I use "localhost".
 >> I assume this will always work because 'localhost' uses the loopback 
port hence no network is needed

HTH, Stan

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