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From Paul J DeCoursey <p...@decoursey.net>
Subject Re: Frustration: lack of alter table functionality
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 14:17:00 GMT
Alexander Schatten wrote:
> thank you for your hints, I was doing something similar with huge 
> effort, but after this experience, I invested some hours and switched 
> back to hsqldb, this is---sorry to say---by far more convenient for 
> development purpose. similar restructuring with hsqldb took me 
> seconds. It is really impossible to develop with a database, where 
> restructuring is not feasible, and at the moment I have to say, it is 
> even worse to roll out with a database under such conditions.
> I think I wait for the next release and will then probably change back 
> to Derby. the hsqldb concept with the script file is just perfect for 
> development issues.
> I really hope for the next release of Derby...
Maybe I'm in the minority but I've never had issues.  While in 
development I never do alter tables, I drop the entire database and 
rebuild the entire thing including test data using scripts. It's far 
easier and I can ensure that it will react as if a new install each 
time. I also put a lot into testing and planning to be sure that my 
final results will not need altering after deployment. And when it has 
come up where I needed to alter something after deployment I build a new 
database and copy data into it.  That isn't ideal, but it's clean.


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