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From Ralf Wiebicke <ralf.wiebi...@exedio.com>
Subject Re: renaming columns
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2006 19:10:42 GMT

Hi Stanley!

Thank you for your detailed answer. I'm currently mainly looking for an 
alternative to hsqldb. I'm maintaining a persistence framework (cope). We 
don't use hsqldb for production, but for testing a VM-contained database is 
just so convenient.

Until recently, hsqldb did the job. But then I realized, that for proper 
implementation of queries across inheritance I need  joins with parenthesis. 
Something like "select * from t t1 join (t t2 join t t3 on t2.a=t3.a)  on 

Derby can do this, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL as well, but not Hsqldb. Also 
hsqldb does not support transaction isolation (although the jdbc driver says 
so). So I hope, that derby and hsqldb complement each other, so I can have a 
full test of the framework just with hsqldb and derby combined.

Best regards,

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