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From "Alan M. Feldstein" <afel...@earthlink.net>
Subject WHERE clause
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 02:36:38 GMT
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jdb shows me the SQL that Derby sees<br>
<blockquote><tt>Thread-1[1] print selectSql<br>
 selectSql = "SELECT * FROM "ADDTestCasesResults" WHERE "chipRelease" =
'Sputnik001' AND "testCaseID" = 1"<br>
Thread-1[1] <br>
This Java statement<br>
<blockquote>resultSet = statement.executeQuery( selectSql );<br>
then fails with<br>
<blockquote><font color="#ff0000">ERROR 42X04: Column 'SPUTNIK001' is
either not in any table in the FROM list or ...</font><br>
Apparently, Derby thinks that 'Sputnik001' is a column name, failing to
recognize that it is a character string to be compared with each row in
the "chipRelease" column.<br>
If you need to see the Java code that assigned to the selectSql
variable, it is<br>
<blockquote><tt>selectSql = "SELECT * FROM \"ADDTestCasesResults\"
WHERE \"chipRelease\" = \'" + simulationResult.getChipRelease() + "\'
AND \"testCaseID\" = " + Long.toString(
simulationResult.getTestCaseID() );</tt><br>
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