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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Derby Web Manager
Date Sat, 18 Nov 2006 23:58:48 GMT
Hi Stephen,

I tried out your web-based Derby manager.
It seemed to work very well, except that my X server freaked out about 
drawing those Mac graphics!
(took all cpu for quite long every time a new window/frame was created, 
or when I used the scroll bars)

Don't really know what else you could have added, as I'm not using these 
kind of tools much. On first sight, I did not miss any basic features 
related to manipulating the contents of the database.
I did not see any interface for backing up/restoring the database or 
letting another user access the database, but maybe I missed it or this 
kind of functionality might be out of scope.
I would recommend users more experienced with management systems to try 
it out and comment on it!

I can see the value of the software in letting users manage their own 
databases on a server through a web-interface, as I have seen some ISPs 


Stephen Caine wrote:
> Derby Users:
> Our company has created a web-based Derby manager.  This is an "preview" 
> that we are putting up for a short while so Derby users can play with it.
> The Derby manager (QDBM) will be included in our next Qilan release (our 
> web development product).
> To access QDBM, go to: http://willow.powersrvcs.net:8080/qilan/_q_support/
> Username:    qilan
> Password:    qdbm
> A single database is running, Portal_Control.  It can be accessed with:
> Username:    QILAN
> Password:    MY_PASSWORD
> If you want to see what the web interface (front end) looks like that 
> uses Portal_Control, go to:
> http://willow.powersrvcs.net:8080/qilan/Login
> The login information can be viewed by holding the cursor over the input 
> fields (title tags).
> While it is fine to modify Portal_Control, it may become unusable if 
> certain data is deleted/modified.  If this happens, notify   
> stephen@commongrnd.com to restore the data base.
> We appreciate your comments and suggestions.  We expect it will get 
> broken several times over the next few days :)
> Stephen Caine
> CommonGround Softworks, Inc.
> www.qilan.com
> Phil McNamara
> CommonGround Softworks Inc.
> info@commongrnd.com
> http://www.commongrnd.com

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