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From Duncan Groenewald <duncangroenew...@xtra.co.nz>
Subject Re: Does Derby support Transaction Logging ?
Date Sat, 18 Nov 2006 08:08:54 GMT
Thanks, I just read the material on the transaction logs.  However I 
still don't see how I would be able to achieved what I want which is:

   1. Set up a new derby database server on another server (server_2)
   2. Restore the database from a database backup from server_1
   3. Copy server_1 logs every 15 minutes and load them into server_2

Duncan Groenewald wrote:
> Yes, I want to load the transaction logs into a copy of the database 
> in a simple form of replication.  Is there an alternative way of doing 
> this ?
> Dan Scott wrote:
>> On 15/11/06, Stanley Bradbury <Stan.Bradbury@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Duncan Groenewald wrote:
>>> > Does derby support transaction logging ? and if so how to dump/access
>>> > them ?  If not any plan to do so ??
>>> >
>>> I don't understand what you are asking about but can tell you that 
>>> Derby
>>> maintains a transaction log for rollback and recovery purposes.  It is
>>> not intended to be accessed directly by and application.  There is some
>>> access to these records via Triggers.  The architecture information on
>>> the website contain good descriptions of the transactional capabilities
>>> of Derby.
>> A completely wild guess would be, from a MySQL perspective, that
>> somebody wants to try to implement a form of replication by
>> periodically capturing the transaction logs from a master instance of
>> an Apache Derby database and then applying those logs to a replicated
>> instance of an Apache Derby database.
>> Dan

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