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From Paul J DeCoursey <p...@decoursey.net>
Subject Re: [OT] Two suggestions on list management...
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 15:30:29 GMT
derby@segel.com wrote:
> Has anyone else noticed an increase in Spam?
> I set up an alias derby@<mydomain>.com 
> <mailto:derby@%3cmydomain%3e.com> which is now getting a ton of stock 
> spams from ‘bots.
> The e-mail alias is only used for this list and I’m certain that its 
> coming from an archive site.
> It would be nice if the e-mail addresses were munged prior to being 
> placed on the archive site.
> Also, it would be nice to have a clear filter in the subject line to 
> indicate where this mail is coming from.
> For example, the Dovecot mailing list will include inject a [dovecot] 
> tag in to the subject line. This makes it easier to filter the mail 
> and put it automatically in to the correct mbox. It will also make it 
> easier to filter against the alias. So that any mail to 
> derby@<mydomain>.com <mailto:derby@%3cmydomain%3e.com> that doesn’t 
> have a tag like [derby-user] will automatically hit /dev/null.
> Can this be done?
> Danke!
> -G
Spam is an essential part of internet life, why are you trying to stop 
it? It'd be like going to the pool for a swim and finding the pool only 
filled to 10%. But seriously I have also noticed an influx on spam, but 
I was unable to attribute it to any one list, I have the same address 
for all my Apache project mailing lists, and it's on that address that I 
get a lot of spam.


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