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From Daniel Noll <dan...@nuix.com.au>
Subject Re: does Derby has some form of performance problem ?
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2006 22:07:17 GMT
legolas wood wrote:
> Hi
> Thank you for reading my post
> i want to know whether this benchmark result is correct or not.
> we are using derby as embedded database and it took a long time to start 
> the database.
> we use a proper shutdown every time we are leaving the application.
> does any one here used derby for real world jobs (embedded mode) that 
> database size growth to +100 MB ?
> benchmark result
> http://www.h2database.com/html/frame.html?performance.html&main
> is it usual for derby to take 20-30 seconds to start ?
> does startup time depend on database size ?

Derby does take very long to start up.  Our database sizes are generally 
quite large (gigabytes), but even smaller databases take "too long" to 
start up, particularly comparing to HSQLDB.

IIRC, someone said they were going to address this issue the last time 
it was brought up (may have been by me.)


(...PS... This H2 thing is new to me.  I wonder what it's like at 
handling tens of gigabytes of data.)

Daniel Noll

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