John Embretsen wrote:
legolas wood wrote:
thank you for reading my post
i saw that there are several configuration parameter like derby.drda.*
and i know that each parameter can be used for system wide configuration
or Database configuration.
what i can not find is that (i know that it is a plain text file as a
properties file) where we should put the file that contain these
properties ?

what is the file name ?

derby.drda.* properties are properties that affect the Network Server.
You can put the properties in a file called, which should be in your derby.system.home folder, which by default is the working directory of the Network Server. You must do this before you start your server, or the property file will not be read by the server.

The Server and Administration guide, specifically
has more details.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for reply. it helps
so i should put the properties file inside the frameworks\NetworkServer\bin folder ,
how we can apply database wide properties ? should we create a properties file and put it inĀ  some place ?