Is there a jira issue for adding a limit statement (to limit the number of records returned) to a select statement?  I did a jira search but could find no such issue.  I’d like to vote for it.


I also searched the mailing list for discussions regarding this feature, and responses which see no reason to support it generally say: (1) you can get this functionality using Statement.setMaxRows(), and (2) “limit” is non-standard sql.


I’d specifically like to see limit support at the sql query level, as setMaxRows() can’t be used to limit the number of records returned in a subquery (which I need).  Furthermore, if you’re generating sql queries programmatically (such as I am), and don’t have access to the Statement object which will perform the query, setMaxRows() can’t be used in this case either.  As for “limit” being non-standard, people who need to stick to standard sql are free to avoid this feature.