I figured it out.  I was trying to use a variable in my query string.

while I was researching the problem I came across in the faq

a way to speed up derby.  it said use ? for prepared statements.

I have done this ? with other methods and use a variable too.

I didn’t know it would cause that.  Now I will know to always

use ? on an update operation.


thanks very much,



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Sunday, October 29, 2006 4:47 PM
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Subject: dialog hangs on referntial exception




derby windows


is there some loop trying to commit the sql transaction that causes

a delay?  it cause the dialog to become responsive for a little too

long and then returns control eventually and displays my custom

error message to the user.


can someone please give me a quick tip to avoid this?


btw I really like how easy it is to put a column constraint

to handle integrity.  I once did it with tcl and sqlite and had to use